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Riverside Wood Floor Cleaning

Treat your floor investment with the cleaning maintenance it needs and deserves. Wood floors are beautiful and expressive and while they are generally easy to keep up, they do require a gentle cleaning and buffing every once in a while in order to remove scratches, blemishes, discolorations, stains, and to get a fresh new polyurethane coat application.

Renew That Regal Look

Tulip Cleaning Services provides all the cleaning equipment, solutions, and skills to complete the job. We will begin by removing your current polyurethane coat in order to gain access to the actual wood strips and planks. With access granted, we will be able to sand out scratches and recreate the even finish you expect. We will also address stains and discolorations that often occur when there are active children or heavy traffic in the house. We will complete our service by applying a fresh new batch of polyurethane. This newest layer will give your wood floors that new, shiny, and regal look that you originally invested in them for.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Wood floors are expensive investments but that doesn't mean their cleaning maintenance has to be! If you follow a regular cleaning routine, you should find that your wood floors last a lifetime. If, however, you ignore the required maintenance, you might find yourself having to replace planks or strips prematurely, which could cost a pretty dollar.

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