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Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are beautiful options for any home or office. Tile, depending on its make, can actually be relatively resistant to stains and bacteria. This is, of course, relative to grout, which by nature is porous and therefore naturally attracts and conceals soil, bacteria, and even mold and mildew.

Just because tile can successfully maintain an appearance of cleanliness does not mean that it is actually so. In our experience, kitchen grease spills are the number one element found on tiles that are supposedly clean. Wiping liquid off ceramic tile creates the impression of it being clean, but the tiny invisible particles that you do not see are moist and invite bacteria which can be very harmful and disastrous in the long run.

Darkening Grout

Darkening grout is the most obvious sign that your grout needs to be attended to. The darkening of grout is an indication of bacteria and soil harvesting in available grout cavities. Bacteria also attract moisture, which in turn attracts more bacteria, and that is why your grout undergoes a darkening process.

By cleaning tile and grout you can both assure that your tile is bacteria free and hygienic as well as lighten up that unattractive blackening grout.

Rotating Brushes and Elbow Grease

Tulip Cleaning Services experts are familiar with tile and grout cleaning and while we have industrial equipment to ease the required cleaning time, our staff are fully prepared to get at tougher, more stubborn spots manually. If you have never had your tile or grout treated, then you certainly have some areas that will need a little elbow grease.

All of our cleaning products are individually picked based on their environmental friendliness and their low risk components. That means that after we complete our tile and grout cleaning, and after we have evened out the pH balance, our final rinse will suffice. There will be no health concerns about coming into contact with our cleaning solutions.

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