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Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning and repair service is yet another successful service added to Tulip Cleaning Services list of home and office cleaning services. Our cleaning technicians can clean your synthetic area rugs at your location, however we prefer to transfer more expensive investments to our cleaning facility, where we employ not only cleaning technicians, but repair craftsmen as well.

Rug Damage

Rugs that have remained in storage for long periods of time are often plagued by moth damage. Moth damage is easily identified because the eaten patches are scattered. Carpet beetles, on the other hand, graze in a more regulated pattern. Both of these home pests are attracted to the natural fibers often found in Oriental and Persian rugs and can attack them even if they are not in storage.

Our Place Or Yours?

Our cleaning facility is designed to treat each rug as unique in its own characteristics and needs. In order to achieve this, we hand dust, hand wash, and hand groom each rug individually. Before any process begins, however, we go over your expectations and our ability to meet them. Mass produced synthetic rugs are "easier" to treat because they were designed with modern cleaning methods in mind. This doesn't mean there aren't considerations regarding stains or color damage, it just means we can carry out the cleaning on your premises.

While we strive for the best, we will not attempt a cleaning project that will not satisfy you enough to become a regular customer. After all, we are a customer service oriented provider

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