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Air Duct Cleaning

Tulip Cleaning Services stands by our fundamental belief that carpet cleaning is a bacteria removing service carried out with the intentions of creating a higher air quality index in any enclosed space. In fact, all of our services share the similar goal of insuring a healthy atmosphere by cleaning the indoor elements which most often attract a number of harmful air pathogens, like dust, dander, mold, fungus, various allergens, pollen, etc.

Air ducts, in addition to carpets, are the perfect example. Did you know that by some estimates, indoor air quality is as poor, or even poorer, than outdoor air? How confident do you feel about raising a family in a smoggy house? How do you think you would react if you knew that you were actually living in a home full of the very allergies you work to lessen?

Not Familiar With Your HVAC?

Air duct cleaning is a very common cleaning service, however you might not have heard too much about it. While many companies go on and on about the importance of carpet cleaning on a regular basis, air duct cleaning can actually be taken care of every few years and as such, often gets overlooked.

Air ducts are dark, damp places and absolutely heaven for a number of contaminants, especially mold and mildew. A highly functioning and clean air duct can easily distinguish between safe air and harmful air contaminants. A poorly functioning system might be able to make this distinction, but it will either a) have to work much harder (which you will see in your utility bills) or b) start to let some contaminants in. Tulip Cleaning Services air duct cleaning service aims to remove your HVAC system of extra dust and other deteriorating films by using an assortment of various brushes and vacuums.

For The Best Results

Air duct cleaning is best matched with carpet cleaning in order to produce the best overall results, however it is not a must. Either way, we hope that after our cleaning service you will immediately feel fresher, cooler air circulation. As a result, you might find a decrease in your energy bills and an increase in personal energy. After all, a high air quality index helps maintain you, you.

We are excited to help every old and new customer get their air quality back. To get started with us, give us a call at 951-530-1818 today.

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