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Tulip Cleaning Services is more than the best darn carpet cleaning service this side of the Mississippi. We are also a world class upholstery cleaning service as well! Years ago we took our model of commercial and residential sanitation to the next level by introducing a range of services, one of them upholstery cleaning.

The Cleaning Target

Upholstery cleaning often gets overlooked. We find this a curious thing, since furniture upholstery is every much a home utility as a stove or a sink. While its purpose is more passive, your mattresses, sofas, pool lounge chairs, bean bags, etc., get an enormous amount of use throughout their lifetime. Just think about all the upholstered furniture in your home right now. We're willing to bet that somewhere there is a hidden stain. Perhaps on the flip side of your sofa cushions? We're also willing to bet that you haven't even considered having your drapes cleaned, but did you know that they distribute large amounts of dust and dander all throughout your house?

So Why Hire A Professional?

Upholstery cleaning is a pretty straightforward service, however it is advisable to hire a professional because there are many potential missteps that can lead to permanent damage. A cleaning technician from Tulip Cleaning Services can effortlessly avoid these mistakes because he has been trained in the classroom and experienced in the field. He will come equipped with the correct cleaning solutions for your particular upholstery material which, by the way, are all Eco-Friendly. That means Fido is perfectly safe to lay on his newly cleaned doggy bed if he so chooses.

Wondering what other kind of upholstery we can treat? Find out more by calling our customer service representatives at 951-530-1818 today!

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